The insuflon indwelling catheter – helps increase therapy compliance and reduces the need for multiple injections

The insuflon™ indwelling catheter is an indwelling subcutaneous soft cannula which is inserted into the fatty tissue of the body at an angle of 20-45 degrees.

After removing the insertion needle, the soft cannula remains in the body, making it possible to inject medication through the membrane without additional needle sticks or injection pain.

The soft cannula can remain in the body for up to three days depending on the type of medication required.

The insuflon™  indwelling catheter is ideal for newly diagnosed patients who may be reluctant to begin with multiple daily injections and for people who want to avoid the extra discomfort and pain often associated with frequent daily injections.

The insuflon™ indwelling catheter can be used to administer subcutaneous medications at hospitals, clinics and at home.

Needle lengths from 6 mm to 12 mm can be used with insuflon™. For best results, consult your healthcare professional.

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